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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Detroit automakers splurge on shareholders with big stock buybacks – Autoblog

General Motors, Ford and Stellantis are engaged in a race that investors are cheering now, but may look back on as foolish within a few years. The three spent a combined $22.7 billion buying back their shares and paying...

2025 Ram 1500 First Drive: A Hurricane of class and elegance

AUSTIN, Texas. — I power up the 2025 Ram 1500 and scoot away through the outskirts of Austin. When I pull up to the first stoplight, it all sinks in. There’s no Hemi tick. The cabin is vibration-free. Did...

Project Builds #2: The Jambulance, the wasps, and a piece of the Titanic – Autoblog

Well, this is not what I expected. Last summer, I had a bunch of project cars I'd committed to repair so that I could go on the adventures I purchased every project car for. However, instead of sacrificing my...

U.S. issues $135 million in advance EV tax rebates since Jan 1, Treasury says – Autoblog

WASHINGTON - The U.S. government has reimbursed auto dealers for about $135 million in advance point-of-sale consumer electric vehicle tax credit payments since the start of the year through Feb. 6, the Treasury said on Wednesday.  Prior to 2024,...

Rivian cuts jobs, sees annual production far below estimates – Autoblog

Rivian said on Wednesday it would cut its workforce by 10% and forecast EV production this year that widely missed estimates, hurt by downtime for factory upgrades and slowing demand for electric vehicles due to high interest rates. Shares...

Doc Rivers refuses to own up to his mistakes

Accountability is a word we hear often in sports. Whether someone owns up to their mistakes or passes the buck, accountability is the word we hear thrown about in the wake of whatever action was taken. Milwaukee Bucks head...
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