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What's up with Nintendo and this creepy smiling figure?

Nintendo, the gaming giant responsible for adorable releases like Animal Crossing and all things Mario released a nightmare fuel, 18+ trailer for upcoming Switch horror game Emio on Wednesday.

Right at the top, Nintendo declares, “This video contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing,” and recommends “viewer discretion.”

Then we’re treated to 15 seconds of a grainy, erratically edited visual, complete with creepy music box soundtrack, of a tall person wearing a paper bag on their head emblazoned with a smile. It’s creepy as hell. And in the last moment it appears to have drawn on teeth. Love that for them.

It’s clearly a clever marketing moment for the horror game, simply captioning the YouTube clip #WhoIsEmio and channelling a real Smile vibe.

WHO IS THIS PERSON? AND WHY ARE THEY SMILING? 🙃 The theories are flying.


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