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Vocal Dog Prank Calls Pet Stores, Groomers, Her Veterinarian and the Police

A very vocal pit bull named Luna hilariously pranked called a pet store trying to ask for cat poop in her very unique voice. Luckily, the person who answered had a very good sense of humor about the call.

My Dog Prank Call Pet Store – Asking For Cat Poop!

She Also Prank Called a Groomer

The groomer was confused at first but then laughed at the response she received when she asked who was calling. Evidently, Luna wanted to be turned into a unicorn.

Luna Called Her Veterinarian to Cancel an Appointment

The vet tech who answered the phone knew that it was Luna and confirmed the appointment for the next day despite the fact that she wanted to cancel it.

She Also Called the Police

Luna called 911. Luckily, the responding officer was happy to play along.


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