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Romania scrambled F-16s due to UAV strikes in Odesa Oblast

During the suicide drones attack in Odesa Oblast on Feb. 10, Romania announced an air alert in border settlements and scrambled F-16 fighters, stated the Romanian Ministry of Defense on Feb. 10.

In Kharkiv, the attack caused a large-scale fire that killed seven people.
Civilian infrastructure was damaged in Odesa and Izmail. Four people were injured.

On Feb. 10, an air raid alert was sounded twice during the night in Odesa region. The Russians launched a total of 31 strike UAVs in Kharkiv and Odesa oblasts. 23 of them were shot down.

“These attacks are unjustified and seriously contradict the norms of international humanitarian law,” the statement said.

Romania condemned the Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure of Ukrainian ports on the Danube.

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The Romanian Ministry of Defense said that there was no violation of Romanian airspace, but checks are being conducted in Tulcea County out of caution.

During the second alert, two other planes were also on alert, but did not take off.

Simultaneously, Turkish F-16s took off from the Fethiye Air Base “to perform reconnaissance missions in national airspace under these circumstances.”

At 05:00 am, another alert was announced, lasting until 06:20 am local time.

By 01:00 am local time, residents of these counties had received alert notifications, which lasted until almost 3 a.m.

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At about 12:30 am local time, the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations issued a warning about risks of air strikes in the Tulcea and Galati counties bordering Odesa Oblast.

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