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F-16 fighter jets scrambled from Romania amid Russian drone strikes on Odesa Oblast

Turkish F-16 fighter jets stationed in Romania were scrambled after Russian drone strikes on Odesa Oblast in the early morning of Feb. 10, Romania’s Defense Ministry said.

Consecutive waves of Russian drones hit Odesa Oblast overnight, targeting port infrastructure on the Danube River. At least four people were injured, all of whom were employees of port facilities in the region.

Romania’s Defense Ministry said that jets stationed at an airbase near Fetesti, some 200 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, were summoned in response to perform reconnaissance.

No unauthorized intrusions into Romanian airspace were detected, and no debris from downed Russians was found on Romanian territory, the ministry said.

Bucharest has strongly condemned Russian attacks against Ukrainian port infrastructure on the Danube River.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said in October 2023 that an anti-drone system had been installed by the Ukrainian border after repeated instances of debris falling on Romanian territory.

Bucharest has previously deployed additional security measures in the border areas, including setting up bomb shelters and issuing air raid warnings.


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